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Welcome to Modern Day Apocalypse.

Is it possible for the world to be returned to its former state, the garden of eden? Kami, an ecclesiastic of the 'religious' order Sacrosanct, a group of elite assassins trained to eliminate the most elite criminals, thinks he has a pretty good chance at doing so. Thinking that if he rid the world of evil, it'd slowly turn back to what it once was. He was going oh so well, but, he found something stopping him. Hidan, a lead singer and guitarist in a famous band 'Dahlia', taking Japan by storm, has this odd appearance about him. How does this stop Kami in his tracks? How does he retaliate? Mix a bit of Death Note, Hellsing and Nana together and you get Modern Day Apocalpyse. Note!: This will be in Japanese format, please read back to front!

No more updates for a long time D:


My laptop died, like, completely yesterday.

And ALL of my art was on it, and I'm like, omg. Shit.

All my work, Japanese notes, exam notes in general AND MY JROCK, HOLY SHIT.


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